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Hotel Wholesalers

As a wholesaler or a bedbank, you are a distributor for hotel suppliers. At the same time, you are a supplier for customer-facing distributors such as OTAs, tour operators, and other wholesalers. To help you manage your core distribution business, Triometric provides a powerful analytics platform that delivers;

  • Operational performance insights that show the health of their XML and API transaction environment
  • Business intelligence into the performance of  customers, distribution channels and inventory management


Actionable insights from millions of hotel requests and replies helps hotel distributors better understand their customers’ needs. Success is all about having the right content and inventory available at the right time for the right price. Our analytics platform delivers those insights at the most granular level.  The system is used by some of the largest global hotel distributors and hotel wholesalers such as GTA, Hotelbeds and Bonotel.


Key Benefits

The platform enables hotel wholesalers, bedbanks and travel intermediaries to:

  • Increase revenue through insight into customer interaction, product availability and supplier performance
  • Lower costs with optimised operational performance
  • Monitor distribution agents and channel partners against key indicators including:

-  Service level performance
-  Look to book ratios achieved
-  Financial contributions delivered

  • Optimise their inventory and ensure product availability at all times to meet demand
  • Identify and resolve operational issues in a timely fashion to ensure service availability
  • Manage real-time product inventory availability against search traffic demand.
  • Monitor indicators such as: look-to-book, book-to-cancel, supply-to-demand, dollars earned-per-search
  • Apply this insight to agents, destinations, products, dates and other dimensions in the data.


Analytics Platform - How it Works

The platform is available in two ways:

  1. Trio Enterprise -- On-premise solution best suited to wholesalers with larger daily search volumes
  2. Trio Express -- SaaS solution via the cloud best suited to operators with smaller daily search volumes


Our analytics platform monitors the web server environment for a range of variables including responsiveness and timeouts. It then processes the XML message content to extract the business relevant information. In B2B search enquiries this means attributes such agent details, destinations, star ratings, dates and party details in the requests matched with detailed product codes, price and availability information in the responses. Reporting and live dashboards can be customised for specific business needs delivering intelligence across time periods and key performance indicators right down to individual transactions.

Using the Trio platform, hotel distributors can manage and optimise:

  • Supplier Performance by speed of response and inventory quality
  • Distribution Performance by channels, agents, destinations, product pricing and relevance
  • Compliance to service level agreements and contractual commitments
  • Inventory Supply / Demand to identify and avoid inventory shortfalls


Usage Examples for Hotel Distribution

Triometric offers a number of  practical applications and usage examples  to help you address your day-to-day tactical issues as well as achieve longer-term strategic goals.


Triometric analytics works in conjunction with a number of technology platforms and reservation systems including proprietary ones and those provided by industry specialist partners such as Intuitive (iVector) and Parsec (Parsec/CRS).


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