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Trio for Hospitality

B2B hotel distribution is highly competitive and operates in a real-time web-based environment with high volumes of traffic travelling through a complex network of APIs. Whether you're a supplier or an intermediary your distribution management depends on robust systems where speed and accuracy is essential for survival.

So if you use XML / JSON APIs to exchange search and booking data, Triometric offers a unique analytics platform capable of analysing millions of searches and bookings in real-time to deliver the insights you need to make data driven decisions about your inventory operations and distribution channels. With costly infrastructure supporting ‘free searches’ and high look to book trends, Trio Express and Trio Enterprise helps suppliers and distributors alike better understand what their customers are searching for and buying and how to best meet those needs.





Hotel distribution must leverage each channel to its maximum potential. Trio helps hotels understand the value and  performance delivered by each channel, and to keep operations optimised. 

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Helping intermediaries manage their distribution channels as well as their suppliers and  inventory levels.  We work with industry leaders to continually enhance the Trio platform for large and small travel providers.

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Trio can help OTAs and metasearch companies optimise their infrastructure and gain valuable business insights from their XML message streams to manage supply channels and demonstrate value to product suppliers.

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Practical examples of using Trio to monitor key operational performance indicators and to get business insights from XML. Helping online travel companies achieve results.

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