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Trio Express

Trio Express is an easy to deploy and simple to use cloud-based XML and JSON API analysis solution that provides key metrics via pre-built dashboards and reports directly to the desktop. With Trio Express you can optimise your system performance and inventory management.  Indeed performance issues such as Timeouts costing your business £50,000 a day without you noticing can be overcome. Check out our worked example calculation


Built with the experience of working with the biggest wholesalers and online travel companies, it is designed for small to mid-sized hospitality agents, distributors, aggregators and suppliers.

With Trio Express you get clear insights into:

  • Client Activity -- alerting you to any drop in searches or suspension by key agencies so damaging consequences to your business can be avoided or quickly rectified.
  • Operational performance -- alerting you to performance issues such as response times or timeouts as they happen, so you can make sure your revenue is not adversely impacted.
  • Product availability --  alerting  you to any product issues so you can help drill down to causes ensuring that inbound availability searches are being correctly returned.
  • Look-to-Book Ratios -- helping you to identify which clients, destinations and products are converting and contributing so you can avoid poor ratios that impact your costs without increasing your return.
  • Booking Activity -- tracks your bookings in terms of volume, product type and transaction value so you can understand which agents are best performing.
  • Market Trends and Buyer Behaviour --  giving you data driven insights to understand seasonal patterns and events that influence market trends and buying behaviour so you can stay ahead of demand.


Trio Express offers near real-time capture, analysis and reporting of all shopping and booking traffic from the hotel booking platform, but without the need for hardware investment or skilled data analysts. It is the ideal solution that delivers key performance metrics as well as the search intelligence to drive your business. Understanding what is being searched for is key to responding with the relevant offers that lead to better conversion rates.

How Trio Express Works

The architecture is based on Triometric’s industry leading XML API analytics solution, with the reporting system and database hosted as a cloud instance.

Trio Express-cloud based XML analytics

The data is collected from the client network and sent to the Analytics Engine by the Data Collector in near real-time. The analytics engine extracts the business data from the XML using schema specific rules and generates the required network and IT systems reports.  


  • Fast trend type reports can be run against pre-aggregated data
  • Reports to isolate and examine key issues
  • Scheduling can be used to deliver reports directly to end users via email
  • Alerts can be setup to generate emails to raise awareness when threshold parameters are triggered.


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What is in the Trio Name?

Two ways of getting powerful access to XML analytics.


  • Trio Express is our cloud analytics solution designed for smaller travel providers with lower data volumes.
  • Trio Enterprise is our proven on-premise analytics platform for travel companies handling large data volumes.


Whatever your business size or XML analysis needs -- Triometric has the perfect solution for you.