Trio Express for NDC

Trio Express for NDC

Triometric offers a cloud based analytics solution for easy access to XML intelligence.  We analyse your NDC Shopping transaction data to give you rich insights into your search as well  as booking traffic. Suitable for analysing airline channels, aggregators and intermediaries that provide online search and booking services through an NDC based API, the platform is the ideal solution to deliver business insight into key areas such as:


  • Client/Channel Activity
    Tracking client/channel activity is critical in maintaining connectivity to vital channels. Our platform alerts you to any drop in searches or suspension by key agents so you can drill down and  rectify any issues.


  • Operational Performance
    Poor response times to requests or network issues can lead to time outs and missed revenue opportunities. We monitor response times and alerts you to performance degradation as they happen, so you can take corrective measures.


  • Product Availability 
    Ensuring that inbound price and availability searches are responded to with available product. Mapping omissions, loading errors and technical issues can lower the percentage of requests showing availability. Trio Express for NDC alerts to issues and helps drill down to causes.


  • Errors
    Errors are costly at any stage of the searching / booking cycle but never more so than at point of booking. Trio Express for NDC ensures you have a clear view of all types of errors across all transactions.


  • Look-to-Book Ratios
    Monitoring Look to Book performance is key to understanding conversion rates. Poor look to-book ratios drive up business costs without additional revenue. We can help identify which clients, destinations and products are converting and contributing.


  • Booking Activity
    Tracking bookings in terms of volume, origin/ destination/date or other product type and transaction value is essential in understanding which agents are best performing. Late bookings at discounted rates and low margins can be less attractive business. Trio Express for NDC delivers the full picture.


  • Market Trends and Buyer Behaviour
    Trio Express for NDC delivers data driven insights to understand seasonal patterns and events that influence market trends and buying
    behaviour. Staying ahead of inventory demands helps conversions.


How Trio Express for NDC Works

The architecture is based on Triometric’s industry leading XML API analysis solution, with the reporting system and database hosted in the cloud.  The network traffic is captured in the data centre or cloud environment hosting the platform to be monitored using the Triometric Data Collector.

The Data Collector feeds the cloud based analytics engine in near real-time. The analytics engine processes the Collector’s logs, generates the IT
operational information relating to network and IT systems and then extracts the business data from the XML traffic using NDC schema specific rules.  Dashboards and reports deliver intelligence and alert when parameters are triggered.

Trio Express for NDC

Benefits of Trio Express for NDC

Improve conversion rates through:


  • Improved quality of service
  • Lower errors rates
  • Plugging of Inventory gaps
  • Managing client channels
  • Planning with market information
  • Better understanding of the traveller
  • Grow new markets


So if you use XML / JSON APIs to exchange search and booking data, our unique analytics platform capable of analysing millions of searches and bookings in real-time,  gives you the insights you need to make data driven decisions. 

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Trio Express analyses XML message streams to give powerful insights into customers, markets and product success. 

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