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Trio For Airlines

Triometric delivers a business intelligence platform that helps airlines embrace modern retailing practices as they adopt IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC) and XML standards.  The platform analyses the search and booking transaction flows  running through their APIs and delivers real-time insights that helps them refine their offers to increase conversions. 


Airlines are re-inventing how they sell and distribute their products and services and increasingly using  third party channels via direct connections. They need to understand the effectiveness of their marketing and merchandising and the efficiency of their booking process. This requires better insights into the context of what the traveller is searching for and why. Is it pure leisure, pure business or a combination? Alone, a couple or as a group? A one-off trip or more regular visits.


Triometric's platform delivers these insights and helps airlines:

  • Monitor their distribution channels and better understand the value they bring.
  • Optimise operational performance (web servers, networks, APIs).
  • Craft ancillary merchandising strategies with the benefit of real-time vision


Triometric offers a layer of business intelligence to help airlines better understand their customer's situation and needs. Triometric's platform is capable of analysing all inbound and outbound XML or JSON traffic.  So if you use XML / JSON APIs to exchange search and booking data, our unique analytics platform capable of analysing millions of searches and bookings in real-time,  gives you the insights you need to make data driven decisions. 


Triometric Enterprise is offered as an on-premise solution within a data centre and Triometric Express as a cloud based solution offered in conjunction with your preferred merchandising and distribution platform provider. 




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