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 JacTravel Case Study

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Listen to Richard Davis, IT Director of the JacTravel Group as he explains how the company is using the Triometric API monitoring and XML analytics platform today, the benefit it brings and future plans.

GTA Video Testimonial


GTA accelerates web booking times, optimises uptime, improves customer experience and proactively manages partners and suppliers with Triometric.

GTA Optimises Web Performance with Web Services Analyzer


Chris Anders, Senior IT Director at GTA explains how Triometric helped GTA improve their web services performance and drive BI from their XML traffic.

Below are some testimonials from customers who are deploying the Triomentric analytics platform in their organisations.

In today’s competitive online travel market it is more important than ever to ensure the seamless running of optimised web services for our clients and to have real-time inventory data available to drive profitable decisions. We are delighted to be working with Triometric to obtain the analytic dashboards to propel our business to the next level”

Stuart Nassos, Chief Operations Officer at TotalStay


“As a market leader in an arena where time-to-market is a critical success factor, S7 is keen to understand the impact of cached pricing in the retail environment and we are confident that Triometric technology can deliver us that intelligence”

Dmitry Chuyko, E-commerce Director at S7


The continuous success of our business is based on our ability to grow our operations globally, manage large volumes of data efficiently and provide the best experience for our customers and suppliers in each market. In order to achieve this, we invest in ‘best-in-class’ technologies and look forward to successfully meeting our goals with Triometric technology"

Carlos Muñoz, Managing Director of Hotelbeds


“Miki Travel is committed to continuous investment in technology to ensure that our web services are performing optimally as our product and client portfolio grows. Triometric’s XML business intelligence gives us the insight to streamline our processes, effectively manage our supply chain and deliver a first class service to our customers.”

Michael Melville, Sales & Marketing Director at Miki Travel


“In understanding and monitoring every request and response that flows in the XML supply chain we are able to deliver a more responsive, higher quality service with more relevant products to our customers. Immediately following the Web Services Analyzer implementation we were able to identify and reduce errors and to offer valuable insight to commercial teams by providing them with business data to help them understand the relative performance of clients and in doing so drive up conversion rates”

John Ames, Technical Director at JacTravel


"Average response time to clients is 250 milliseconds at one time. This went up to two seconds (8 times slower) because of a downstream hotel chain taking too much time to respond. This would have been extremely difficult to track without the Triometric Analyzer."

Chris Anders, Director of IT Operations, GTA