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Introduction to Trio Express

Hotel Distribution

Introducing Trio Express, the cloud based version  of  Triometric's XML API analysis solution which offers near real-time capture and reporting of all inbound and outbound shopping traffic.  Watch Now

Analytics in an NDC World (30 min Webinar)

Airline Merchandising

Short webinar showing how XML intelligence can be used to i) optimise airline merchandising environments and ii) gain real-time insights into customer search and buying behaviour that can drive revenue decisions.  Watch Now

JacTravel Case Study in 4 minutes

Hotel Distribution, Testimonials

Listen to Richard Davis, IT Director of the JacTravel Group as he explains how the company is using the Triometric API monitoring and XML analytics platform today, the benefit it brings and future plans.

Turn the Lights on in your Hotel Distribution

Hotel Distribution

Short video showing how business intelligence throws light on a hotel distributor's operations, delivering timely insights into server performance, inventory availability and customer buying behaviour.  With XML analytics hotel distributors can track what your customers are looking for and make sure you have the inventory available to make the best offers that convert. Real time insights that make a difference. Watch this 2 minute video describing how.

Trio Analytics for NDC

Airline Merchandising

Short video to explain how airlines can improve airline merchandising (seats, ancillaries, services) when distributing through indirect channels. Just using insights from XML search and booking message streams helps to understand customer demand in context which enables airlines to fine tune their offers and regain control of their customers.

Triometric Analytics for Airline Commerce Gateway

Airline Merchandising

Short explainer to show how airlines who use the Farelogix merchandising platform NDC-Xpress can become better retailers through indirect channels, using insights from their XML search and booking message data. Understanding customer demand in context helps them fine tune their offers and regain control.

XML in Airline Industry

Airline Merchandising

This video gives a simple view of how searches and bookings get transacted across the supply chain. APIs ensure that all parties have the right information, and decoding XML can deliver valuable business insights.

Managing Operational Performance with Web Services Analyzer


Manage global operational performance of XML web services in the global travel supply chain. Track and drill into low performance points to reduce diagnostic times.

Triometric Presentation at the PhoCusWright Innovation Summit

Events, Hotel Distribution

Watch our 8 minute presentation followed by a 2 minute critique from industry experts at the PhoCusWright Innovation Summit.

Managing Distribution Channels With XML Search Intelligence

Hotel Distribution

How measuring XML search traffic in relation to bookings helps travel companies identify poor performers and better manage their distribution channels by focusing on the most profitable business streams.

How XML is used in Hotel Distribution

Hotel Distribution

This video gives a simple view of how searches and bookings get transacted across the hotel supply chain by using XML standards.

Managing Inventory Levels With Live Search Intelligence

Hotel Distribution

This 2 min video shows how Triometric rapidly turned a leading wholesaler's inventory gap into a £7 million revenue opportunity using search intelligence.

Web Services Analyzer version 6.2 - Getting Visual with Big Data

Products, Hotel Distribution

Watch our 90 sec video showcasing the new Big Data reporting & visualisation features developed in Web Services Analyzer version 6.2 release.

Introducing Triometric Web Services Analyzer Version 6

Products, Hotel Distribution

In addition to viewing the whole XML content and extracting key business intelligence from XML traffic, API implementations can be validated with this new version.

GTA Video Testimonial


GTA accelerates web booking times, optimises uptime, improves customer experience and proactively manages partners and suppliers with Triometric.

GTA Optimises Web Performance with Web Services Analyzer


Chris Anders, Senior IT Director at GTA explains how Triometric helped GTA improve their web services performance and drive BI from their XML traffic.

Interview with Matthew Goulden at World Travel Market


Matthew Goulden, Managing Director at Triometric emphasises the importance of technology in the online travel industry at the WTM 2012.

Interview with Jonathan Boffey at the PhoCusWright Conference


Backstage interview with Jonathan Boffey, BDD at Triometric after his presentation at the PhoCusWright Innovation Summit 2012.