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Use Cases showing how operational key performance indicators and XML business intelligence meets business challenges and transforms online operations.


look to book vs revenue per search

What Revenue Per Search Tells You That Look to Book Doesn’t?

Intermediaries such as wholesalers, bedbanks, and metasearch engines play a pivotal role in travel product distribution. Their vast networks of travel agents and access to buyers offer travel product suppliers such as hoteliers’ unrivaled breadth of destination expertise and global reach across regions and interest groups. If you are in this business then you know that sales volume delivered with…

margin management in travel search requests

Taking stock of your margins when fulfilling travel search requests

As an intermediary selling travel products obtained from suppliers, margin management can be summed up as understanding where your money is being made or lost. This might sound straightforward, but even larger firms have trouble optimising the difference between a good deal and a great deal. Or put simply that the opportunity to sell rooms or flights has been achieved…

financial impact of inventory gap

Sizing the financial impact of that Inventory Gap

Having no inventory available can and does every day account for millions of dollars in potential lost revenue opportunities for one travel provider or another. If you are not returning products then you can’t clinch the deal. Triometric has been working with many intermediaries, both big and small for some time. Our experience in this sector suggests that it is…

Response times

Lies, Networks and Response Times – Why ‘average’ doesn’t cut it

Response times play a central role in performance monitoring and analysis. They are measured to make sure that they are within expected boundaries and that everything is ok. When measurements show the times fall beyond set boundaries then steps to find the root cause are taken or applications are tweaked and optimised. It's useful to understand how long it takes…

The Real Cost of Timeouts

The Real Cost of Timeouts

In the cut throat competitive world of travel distribution– speed (and not just price) is of the essence, because several players will be lining up to compete with inventory. It really comes down to having the right inventory at the right price in the right time. All achieved with XML messages across the supply chain. If you are an inventory…