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Trio Product Overview

Triometric delivers the real-time operational performance and business intelligence needed to manage complex B2B API environments and distribution channels for companies in the supply chain of selling travel products online.


Our analytics platform is used by some of the biggest hotel distributors, bed banks and online travel companies, globally. It focuses on two critical areas to ensure you are on top of what’s happening in your business:

  • Monitoring and ensuring the optimal operation and performance of API environments (network and infrastructure response times, timeouts, errors).
  • Analysing vast amounts of real-time search and booking data embedded in XML or JSON traffic to process internally for business insights.
  • Collecting, sanitising and preparing high volumes of real-time XML or JSON for downstream analysis and presentation by other popular BI systems


Distribution Analytics for Hotels Explained (2 mins)

This helps travel suppliers such as hoteliers and airlines and intermediaries such as be banks and hotel wholesalers to:

  • Keep their web services and APIs running optimally.
  • Get real-time alerts to service degradation that impacts business.
  • Get deeper understanding on what travellers are searching for, and why.
  • Be able to ensure their offers are more relevant and timely to increase conversions.


The Trio analytics platform is delivered in three ways:


  • Trio Express -- is an easy to deploy and simple to use XML or JSON API analysis solution delivered using cloud based technology that provides key metrics via pre-built dashboards and reports directly to the desktop.  Designed for small to mid-sized hospitality agents, distributors, aggregators and suppliers giving them access to the business intelligence that larger players use.
  • Trio Enterprise -- delivered as an enterprise grade on-premise or cloud solution with the Trio analytics engine installed either in your data centre or a large-scale cloud environment.  The enterprise platform is suited to the larger customer with large daily traffic volumes or those requiring total solution flexibility.
  • Trio Data Engine --  Taking XML data from multiple sources, and preparing it for downstream analysis by multiple BI applications including the popular Elastic and Kibana


In all three ways of deploying the Trio platform, data is unobtrusively collected from your API traffic, monitored, scrubbed and analysed without impact on your systems' performance.


Trio delivers a complete performance monitoring and analytics solution in one smart and powerful platform. Designed for the operational needs of IT as well as business users responsible for distribution, revenue management, sales and marketing, Trio performs in real-time at an affordable price and is easy to deploy. We make it easy to do the tough task of accessing, analysing and visualising critical performance data that is spread across the organisation.


Our platform helps our clients, large and small, to use their XML data for competitive advantage in a very price and value conscious market.

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