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Online Travel Companies

As a tour operator, online travel agent or metasearch engine,  you package travel services for your customers and want to maximise your access to a wide range of inventory, where responding to searches with speed and relevance is paramount.


Our  analytics platform can give you clear insights into the performance of your API traffic as you connect to your inventory suppliers and customers.   This intelligence gives online travel companies companies deep insights into:

  • Market trends in search demand
  • The performance of your inventory supply chains such as wholesalers and hotel chains
  • The performance of distribution channels such as metasearch engines and other agents
  • The responsiveness and performance of you web services infrastructure 


OTAs appeal to consumers by offering aggregated choices and to travel product suppliers by offering efficient inventory distribution. Hotels need these efficient distribution channels to sell inventory.  But intense competition puts OTAs under pressure to deliver value. XML analytics can help you demonstrate that value to your travel product partners. 

Triometric Analytics Platform

Hotels need these efficient distribution channels to sell inventory. Intense competition puts these channels under pressure to deliver value. XML analytics can demonstrate that value. The analytics platform, known as Trio Enterprise delivers deep customer insight based on XML search and booking data. Analysing search requests reveals a lot about customer searching and buying behaviour, as well as the performance of sales channels. This powerful analytics platform lets OTAs analyse the wealth of real-time data that is embedded in the search and reply message flow.



Trio Express on-premise solution


The Triometric platform helps OTAs with:

  • Supplier Performance -- speed of response, error tracking and relevance of product offering and price
  • Merchandising - Understanding the popularity of destinations and products to maximise selling opportunities
  • Compliance - Tracking service levels and contractual commitments
  • Inventory Supply/Demand - Keeping track of popular destinations and hotel categories to align inventory with demand
  • Customer Servicing - using real-time analytics to ensure customers receive best quality and most responsive search request




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