21 March 2011 – Business-to-business travel wholesaler tests and monitors real-user behaviour to accelerate web booking times, optimise uptime, improve customer service and proactively manage partners and suppliers.

Egham, Surrey – 21st March 2011 – Triometric today announced that world leader in the provision of ground travel products and services to the travel trade industry, GTA is using its real-user testing and monitoring solutions to manage the 100 plus million hits and 20,000 plus bookings handled by the travel company’s 45 web sites every day.

GTA sources products from more than 30,000 suppliers in over 130 countries, and makes them available to a global audience in 29 languages via its own GTA branded website, as well as several other sites that are skinned with its clients’ branding. With more than half of GTA’s 21,000 daily bookings taken online, the performance of its web business is critical to business success.

Chris Anders, Director, IT Operations at GTA explained, “It wasn’t long after installing Web Analyzer that we acknowledged the significant potential business intelligence (BI) available to us. Being able to see and report on the behaviour of both consumer and client web users has enabled us to optimise all of our sites and technical service,” he continued. “It has helped us define what the search cache should look like so that future searches can be made faster. We can also report real-time on the volume of web traffic per minute and see the daily trends and spikes; allowing us to improve the look-to-book ratios.”

Matthew Goulden, Managing Director at Triometric added, “For example, GTA’s average response time to clients is 150 milliseconds. At one time, this went up to two seconds because of a downstream hotel chain taking too much time to respond to a middle agent system which was having a knock-on effect on GTA,” he added. “This would have been extremely difficult to track without Analyzer. GTA now has full visibility of web and XML service performance right through its supply chain.”

When the core hotel reservation systems and automated process for accepting bookings are re-written over the coming months, Analyzer will be used to benchmark their performance.

Anders elaborated, “So many elements of our business are enhanced by Analyzer. We are now looking to outsource the hosting of our hotel images for example, and when the hosting companies wanted to know detail such as the average image size and number of hits they receive, we were easily able to define Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to support the new service,” he added. “Namely, how fast they downloaded from our in-house system, compared with the third party. And we can do it per country too.”

Listen to Chris Anders describe his experience here


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