Airline NDC Webinar

Webinar: Driving NDC Success with Real-time Shopping Data

IATA is paving the way for airlines to become better retailers. To succeed they must leverage relevant real-time shopping data so they can sell products and ancillaries in a compelling way not just via their own websites, but across different platforms and channels (agencies and GDSs).


Analysing retail data from is already second nature when selling directly (B2C). Repeating this in the indirect B2B channels remains a major challenge but technology shifts to NDC, XML and JSON is changing all of that.  Watch this webinar to learn which data elements are key to better understanding the customer and optimising your distribution. Using charts and diargrams our experts bring to life:

  • API Performance
  • Customer Context
  • Product Availability/Relevance
  • Price Management
  • Closing the Loop to improve airline offers
  • Where  the future lies (Getting Dynamic)


So if you are using or considering using XML or JSON APIs as part your NDC plans, this webinar shows how readily available search and transaction data can be used to optimise your distribution.

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