Triometric Analytics for Hotels


As a hotel chain, you use multiple direct and indirect distribution channels to maximise you market reach. Your challenge is to achieve maximum occupancy, at the best price. Our analytics platform provides actionable insights from your shopping and booking data to help you get a clearer view of the performance of your distribution channels.

Our XML analytics platform helps hoteliers meet distribution and revenue challenges to: 


  • Get the best price for available inventory (before the sell-by-date)
  • Optimise the channel mix to focus on those delivering the highest returns
  • Understand where bookings are coming from, at what cost and how they can be influenced


A hotel’s revenue management is linked to channel performance and the cost of distribution. Triometric helps hotels to understand what customers are searching for, where they are searching and how best to respond. 

Triometric Analytics Platform

Optimising hotel revenues and system performance across a myriad of distribution channels – from GDS and OTA to Hotel Wholesalers and Bedbanks – requires a sophisticated, finely-tuned strategy and execution based on detailed, timely and consistent shopping data (search and booking) across all channels. Our analytics platform captures and translates raw XML data from these different distribution channels in real-time and delivers easy-to-use dashboards and customisable reports so you know at a glance which channel is delivering real contributions.


Key characteristics:

  • Capable of monitoring and analysing tens of millions of requests in real time
  • Easy-to-deploy with zero impact to IT infrastructure and performance
  • Attractive, easy-to-use dashboards and reports
  • Extremely rich drill-down and ability to calculate derived KPIs
  • Flexibility to define KPIs and analytical dimensions to meet business needs


Use Case Examples

Triometric offers a number of use case examples of how analytics can be used. We specialise in developing and implementing solutions that give our customers the intelligence they need to address day-to-day tactical issues as well as achieve longer-term strategic goals.





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