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Hotel Distribution Resources

Whether you are a hotel (supplier) or a hotel distributor such as a bed bank,  wholesaler or tour or travel agent, you need search and booking insights to stay ahead in this competitive and  highly fragmented market.  Knowing what your customers are looking for and whether you are delivering in time and for the right price is no longer a nice to have -- but an essential insight into doing business. We have the unique API analytics platform for success  Here you can learn more about what we do and how we can help. Any questions or you would like to find out more just get in touch.





All our e-books addressing various hotel distribution topics  in one place.

This is where you can find relevant videos and webinars

We regularly blog about hot topics and solutions for hotel distribution.

We regularly blog about hot topics and solutions for hotel distribution.

Highlighting some recent additions to our recource library: 

BI for Hotel Distribution

Introduction to the useful insights available from analysing search and booking traffic to better understand traveller searches and how best to meet demand with relevance and at the right price.

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Hotel Distribution (Explainer)

Short video showing how hotel distributors can make sure they know what is being searched for from their inventories and how they can make they don't miss opportunities from poor performance.

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Case Study:

Hear JacTravel's IT Director talk about how the company uses Trio to monitor its API traffic and keep its web services operations optimised on a daily basis, which helps it deliver quality customer service. 

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5 Must Have Metrics for Hotel Distributors

 This article looks at the role of hotel distributors and presents 5 fundamental data sets that they must have to keep on top of their operations and available inventories so they avoid costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

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