HEDBA Lisbon Conference

HEDNA Global Distribution Conference, Lisbon, 4 – 6 June

HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association) is the leading source for education and collaboration addressing the hotel industry's distribution challenges. 


Matthew Goulden, as  one of the Co-Chairs of the Hotel Analytics Working Group, will be leading an interactive discussion addressing ways in which hoteliers can leverage their data and data sources to  optimise their distribution operations and improve their management and revenue returns from distribution channels.  As part of the format, vendors and hotel participants will discuss and share their experiences and recommendations. Why not join the discussion?


This is part of the next phase in developing best practice guidance, and follows on from the publication of detailed findings of a survey into the acquisition, storage, management and use of distribution data. Over a 1,000 responses representing 40,000 hotels and management companies contributed to the survey. 


Matthew would be delighted to meet with you at the conference and tell you more about how Triometric helps hotels leverage their API data. 


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The Working Group's Mission

Addressing Electronic Distribution

Hotel Distribution Data Survey Findings

Download the White Paper here