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Analytics for Flight Distribution

Our unique performance monitoring and XML analytics platform enables airlines to:

  • Analyse and consolidate search and booking data
  • Slice and dice data according to key performance indicators
  • Use a dashboard view for an "at-a-glance" assessment
  • Analyse results and develop improvements by-  Products, services and offers
    -  Market demand and trends
    -  Errors (IT failings or errors within the XML message streams)
  • Better segment customers and target them according to their needs
  • Better understand what is driving conversions
  • Better understand the overall "health" of supply and demand
  • Understand most profitable traffic sources, destinations and products
  • Differentiate product offerings and bundles beyond just price
  • Manage distribution channel performance.

How Trio Works

Analysing XML data flow gives airlines vital intelligence to innovate and manage their  offers.  It also facilitates dynamic, limited-time campaigns for individual customer segments or events (e.g. summer/winter vacation periods, World Cup Sporting series, etc.). This type of interactive, individualised merchandising requires an airline to thoroughly understand what the data indicates about its product and service offerings, markets where it operates, competitive landscape, actual performance versus planned performance, as well as many other factors.  XML intelligence is key in achieving this vision.

Trio Express for NDC

Easy to Deploy

Our Analytics for NDC Merchandising platform is available either as an option via preferred merchandising and distribution partners such as Farelogix or as an option  to be implemented as part of an airline's own in-house capability.

  • Option 1 -- Analytics for Airline Commerce Platforms (e.g. Farelogix)
    Triometric is deployed by Farelogix for its client base and can be purchased as part of a Commerce Gateway solution.  The analytics portal delivered as a SaaS service via a Farelogix Data Centre captures, analyses and visualises NDC XML message streams. It delivers real-time insights into customer shopping and booking behaviour via reports, custom dashboards and alerts. The platform brings together large data volume processing capabilities, real-time analytics and visual dashboards into a single platform to give airlines the insights they need to develop dynamic and responsive merchandising strategies. Reports and Dashboards are easily accessible via your preferred Internet browser.  Combined with email based alerting, the service delivers the business intelligence airlines need for an innovative merchandising and e-commerce environment.
  • Option 2 - Installed within an Airline Data Centre
    It is easy to install, connect and support. The system is non-intrusive as it runs on separate servers that contain all the necessary hardware and software and it has no impact on live service performance. Once installed in the data centre, it collects and analyses inbound and outbound network traffic. Capable of tracking and analysing tens of millions of requests in real time, the system reverse engineers the supply chain traffic including the XML data content, extracting the business critical KPIs while at the same tracking the health and responsiveness of the IT systems. The result is a system that delivers a comprehensive view of both the operational and business issues that need to be managed or tracked in real time. Combined with email based alerting and web based reporting through interactive charts and dashboards, the overall result is a unique approach to delivering the business intelligence for the online e-commerce environment.


Triometric helps airlines:

  • Embrace XML technology and apply to merchandising strategies
  • Gain deep customer insight from search and booking behaviour
  • Better understand what drives customer conversions
  • Monitor all distribution channels to optimize performance
  • Track the operational performance of their XML messaging infrastructure
  • Manage the migration to XML and mitigate risks
  • Ability to differentiate product /service offerings beyond just price


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