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Highlighting some recent additions to our recource library: 

NDC Shopping Analytics

Harnessing the power of  XML NDC shopping analytics can help airlines better understand their customers needs through the context of searches and respond with more relevant offers to help conversions.  Strategies for optimising merchandising.


NDC Analytics Introduction

Short video showing how airlines can become better retailers when distributing through indirect channels. Just using insights from XML search and booking data streams helps to understand customer demand and to fine tune offers.


Joining the Data Dots  

Short webinar taking a deeper look at how XML intelligence can be used to i) optimise airline merchandising environments and ii) gain real-time insights into customer search and buying behaviour that can help airlines to create the right offers.  Both insights help airlines drive revenue decisions.


Leveraging XML Shopping Data

Interview discussing how data-driven merchandising and API-led distribution are laying strong foundation for a carrier’s retailing strategy.  XML intelligence helps airlines better understand customer types, degree of engagement, revenue contributions and ancillary upselling-purchasing opportunities.

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